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NEWS YOU CAN USE: USPS Offers Physical Mailing Addresses

Many small businesses are using their personal address or P.O. Boxes but are operating in their homes. You can get an actual professional looking address to be associated with your P.O. Box which allows entrepreneurs to keep their home addresses unpublished. This is a level of security, convenience and mobility most business owners need.

P.O. Boxes are great but there are times when a physical mailing address is needed. Many states have Premium P.O. Box Services at local post offices. See the video below and discover how to find locations near you that offer this service.

Additional Tid-Bits:

If you keep your signature on file - you will avoid long lines to sign for your packages. Your mail is conveniently placed in your locked box or secure parcel location (no line or signature will be required). For full details and P.O. BOX application - click HERE.

View this quick tip to find out which local post office near you has this premium service option.

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